Aysu Sadiqova - QanunAzerbaijani qanun player, Aysu Sadiqova, took the course of qanun performing from Yaqut Mammadova at Music College of Azerbaijan National Conservatory. Afterwards, she took the Musicology and qanun performing courses with renowned Malik Mensurov and Yaqut Seyidova during her preparation for her Bachelor Degree at Azerbaijan National Conservatory. Furthermore, Aysu successfully completed her Masters degree at the Azerbaijan National Conservatory. Aysu performed with world famous Azerbaijani National Artists such as Zabit Nabizade, Babek Nifteliyev,Teyyar Bayramov,Ehtiram Huseynov. Moreover, Aysu has been working with young mucisians at Azerbaijan National Television and Radio Corporation In 2013, Aysu was awarded second prize at the International Mugam Festival held in Azerbaijan, and she successfully performed at the International Qanun Symposium held in Ankara in 2015. Currently Aysu performs as soloist and with Ensembles in Turkey and Azerbeijan ensemble in different cities such as Ordu, Fatsa and Arhavi as well as teaching qanun lectures at the Azerbaijan National Conservatory.