Fadi Daoud
Painter and designer of Ateek’s posters.
Website: www.fadidaoud.com
Email: fadidaoud@yahoo.com

Mohammad Nasrallah
Painter of ‘Another Sky’ concert poster

Lana Nasser
M.A. Consciousness Studies and Dreams(jfku),B.A.Psychology and Fine Arts(GWU),Lana is an international performing artist,director/choreographer,writer,dancer and actress.Her work draws on mythology and symbolism, combining Arabic and English,traditional and contemporary performance styles. A published writer Lana leads experiential journeys in Jordan and abroad. Website: www.lananassser.com

Hana Asfour

Raed Bali

Abed al Rahim Arjan
Photography. Email: arjan.a2@gmail.com

Ahmad Al Khatib
Dervish. Email: dervish.alkhateeb@hotmail.com

Wissam Shaheen
Music recording in Beirut /Lebanon