Born in İstanbul in 1959 , Tahir Aydoğdu graduated from the Physics Department of the Middle East Technical University,Ankara.One of the highest honors Aydoğdu has received is the appreciation prize given by the council of the Middle East Technical University (METU) in Ankara on May 25th,2001 as a musician & graduate of METU by National Olympic  Committee .  A member of the World Simbalom Association, based in Budapest , Aydoğdu is an active kanun player at the TRT Ankara Radio. His solo album “Hasret”  was produced by “Kalan Music” in İstanbul on July 2004. He has produced 28 CD’s with different musicians and groups up to know in home and abroad.His Kanun Method Book (published by Yurt Renkleri, Ankara,October 2004) teaches not only how to play the kanun,but also how to construct and repair it. /

Mobile:00 90 532 235 9166